Day 32.

Evening update:

Jack only slept from 9:30-5:30 last night so woke up pretty cranky.

But he had a huge turnaround day. Had a “work hard” style physio session with Matt & Lauren, a successful OT session with Lauren and I working on sitting and reaching for a ball, a sensory session with Matt & Lauren that went really well and then a baby massage session with me that also went decently well given all his other therapies.

A few different therapists commented on some of the improvements they’ve noticed so that was good to hear!

Managed to get him to eat a little bit of purée for breakfast and again at lunch. Not a ton and it takes him a long time to eat a little, but he still was swallowing well and seems to like it (versus the opposite which we don’t want of course!)

He made some funny sounds today too trying to imitate us it seemed like and a few times had us cracking up with lots of big smiles.

He turned back into a mama’s boy by bedtime and needed to be carted around in the carrier until we were ready to start bedtime routine.

I’ve had a few friends ask for clarification, and so to help people understand, due to the brain damage from the hypoxia, considered a non-traumatic brain injury, Jack is essentially having to learn to do everything again. He’s at nearly a newborn level for almost everything other than now being able to hold his head up, eating some small amounts of purée, and his comprehension is higher. But he will have to learn to use his body appropriately again: to hold and grasp and reach for things, to talk, to eat ,to drink, to roll over, to sit, to crawl, to walk. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us.

Looking back at a baseline I started last week (on day 22) there have been considerable improvements in only a week. 

(I started writing out baselines to compare his progress from week to week, as a way to clearly see improvements he’s making. Helps with the whole “patience is a virtue” thing).

One week ago he wasn’t eating solids at all, not taking the soother in his mouth at all, was only able to hold his head up for a few seconds and wouldn’t turn it to look over his right shoulder or even the center of his chest. Now he can hold it up for a few minutes and can turn his neck from side to side easily when in the stroller or on his back and he can do it (with difficulty) while being held or in tummy time. He’s smiling at strangers now, and is making way more sounds besides just crying.

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