Day 31.

Evening update:

Busy day for us!

Jack’s physio and speech both went better today which was awesome.

But more importantly we got to move to our new ward and so far it seems like it’s going to be a great change for us. Jack loves the nurses. And Lauren arrived… woohoo!

Already since she’s been here Jack has been vocalizing more- they’re still funny sounding sounds but it’s a step and he seems to be trying to reach more with one hand and when I drove Lauren back to our apartment and we were having dinner Matt said he rolled from his back to tummy!! Which is crazy!

He’s finally falling asleep now at 9:40pm- I think with the new (quiet!) room and the fact that he had to have his NG tube replaced right before bed again it’s taken him awhile to fall asleep.

But it was a great day for Jack!

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