Day 42.

Evening update:

Jack had another awesome day. You can almost see the little pieces in his brain beginning to click into place.

He was pretty smiley and definitely talkative and had the 3 of us giggling at him multiple times throughout the day. He’s started blowing raspberries which was pretty entertaining.

Jack’s first therapy was in the pool today and  you can tell he loves it but really relaxes, almost too much. Fortunately as Lauren pointed out even relaxing in the pool is creating some resistance for him.

We tried drinking water for the first time today with a special little modified cup (almost like a medicine cup) and it went really well. Minimal coughing and spitting it out. He maybe drank 30ml?? Which the OT was really happy with for a first round. We can continue practicing with him but he was pretty tired this afternoon and wasn’t much interested in trying it again. I’m sure tomorrow will be another story! He no longer needs any NG tube feedings though. He’s eating enough on his own that we’re only using the NG tube for water and hydration now!! Keep it coming Little Lion and that tube will be gone in no time.

Jack was likely tired from all the rolling and tummy time he did today. He’s definitely loving being able to move a little more and was thoroughly enjoying exploring Lauren’s makeup bag in tummy time which was great practice for him reaching, grasping all while holding himself up.

I went back and reviewed the baseline I had written out from just over a week ago on day 32 and at that time he was only eating 25g at a time (needs to be 70g or more to replace an NG tube feeding), vocalizing but not babbling yet, holding his head up for longer periods but nothing like now, had only rolled over once and even based on some of my notes I would say his comprehension has increased as well.

Sad to say Lauren will be flying home tomorrow, we’ve loved having her here- especially Jack. My mom arrives next week to help!! We’re hoping to help with packing- but either way it will be nice to have the next round of fam in town!

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