The day after.

Tuesday Mar 27

This morning’s update:

He is still stable. No changes overnight. Which in this case is a good thing.

The doc said the most important thing right now is for him to rest and experience no stress.

They will do an ultrasound this afternoon to check his lungs.

At this point he will likely remain in the induced coma for another 2-3 days. The doc said Jack will let us know when he’s ready to try and come off the ventilator.

His heart is beating on its own with some meds to help regulate blood pressure. His kidneys look good.

The doc said the most crucial hours are 24-48 hours after and then again around 5-7 days after. During this time we hope he rests well, heals and doesn’t experience any swelling on the brain.

The doc said he remains optimistic for a positive outcome.

They seem to be a very good team here and Jack is in good hands. They specialize in pediatric ICU and would be the equivalent of a classified cardiac arrest ICU back home. The doctor speaks English very well and we’ve spoken to the family counselor as well.


Afternoon update:

Jacky boy has been doing well today. He’s staying strong.

They did an ultrasound of his heart this morning and everything looks good, especially considering the trauma yesterday.

This afternoon the Physio came and he was really good. He showed Matt the fluid he could feel in Jack’s lungs and then the Physio and nurse were able to suction quite a bit and Jack handled it well.

Our main doctor just performed an ultrasound of his brain and he thought the brainwaves sounded really good. A little fast but he suspected that was because of the drugs they have him on.

All in all the doctor confirmed he really felt that Jack will come out of this ok. The next 24 hours are critical.

Keep sending all your love.


Thanks everyone ❤️

Today was a big learning day for us. Learning about the ICU, how it works, how the machines help Jack and about Jack’s current condition. The care he is getting seems really top notch. Both the doctors and nurses seem very competent. We are trying very hard to stay present for Jack in each moment. And spend lots of time reading and singing to him.

We managed to sneak out together for a sunny walk in the woods with Rog.

We are home now with Rog and are going to try our best to rest. Tomorrow one of our friends is going to come over in the afternoon to hang with Rog to break up the time he’s alone.

And a little lighter info for you: the nurses cut out pieces of gauze in the shape of a heart to attach some of the tubes to Jack’s body. He’s sleeping under his Dream Big Little One blanket with his little bear and a shirt of mine to smell.






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