Day 45.

Jack is still battling a cold so was up a few times overnight. But he seemed to wake up feeling better after his morning nap.

Had only one therapy today because it’s a holiday in Germany and so we took advantage and came into Dresden. Therapy went well, practicing eating solid foods and working on tongue movement.

It seemed to have already started working because Jack was an eating machine today. The last couple of days he’s been snubbing any of the baby food with meat and veg in it, so I had a brainstorm to add cheese. Duh. He gobbled up both his veggie meals today.

By the evening he was holding a melting millet cracker (like we first used to teach him how to eat solids) to his own mouth. That coordination and, as Matt pointed out, even arm strength, is still really difficult for him so that was big to see! He’s been wanting to help with the spoon too which is interesting because he had just started to learn to fork foods before he got sick but hadn’t really been successful with a spoon or even tried much.

Still loving being able to roll over, but definitely needing to work on his upper body strength in order to be able to support his own body weight again. (2 weeks ago, on Day 32, he couldn’t even really hold his head up, so we’ll see where we’re at in another 2 weeks!)

Lots of smiles again from him as he’s testing out a few new expressions and even what appears to be a bit of a fake laugh?? Ha!

Matt’s staying at rehab for the next two nights so I’m taking a breather to refresh although I’ll still be there during the day.

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