Day 70.

Evening update:

Today Jack had 3 therapies which mostly went well. The heat gets to him in the afternoon and he doesn’t seem to want to work as hard (unless on his own terms 🙄 😂). Can’t imagine where he gets that from…???

He’s now able to spend a ton of time in tummy time, and turn himself to play. He can push up more and you can tell he wants to get moving! His determination is definitely one of the big factors in his progress. As usual just making me so proud.

He’s coping with solids better, has more tongue movements, babbles and sounds and we’re seeing small improvements in many areas. I think we’re now at the stage where they’re not always as obvious to us when we’re with him every day.

Talked to the doctor today about this cough he’s had for nearly five weeks and he thinks there’s a chance it may be due (or at least in part) to scar tissue from the ventilator. Something we’ll follow up on with the doctors in Canada if he’s still coughing when we get home.

The doctor still also recommends a therapy chair or finding a way for Jack to be upright while also well supported to be able to continue his fine motor and cognitive development in a way that matches a one year old, as most one year olds wouldn’t spend as much time just on tummy time as he does. That being said, Matt and I still feel like it’s important for him to spend a lot of time on the floor to strengthen all those muscles. The doctor again noted that we’re continuing to see improvements in all areas but that his gross motor is still progressing more slowly.

You know Jack… he loves to move so it’s equally important to us that he gets there and we believe his fine motor and cognitive abilities will continue to improve as well with all the games and activities we keep him busy with outside of his existing therapies. 💪🏻


2 thoughts on “Day 70.

  1. Ronald Kovacs

    Haven’t seen any updates for some time…unless I missed them. How is the little guy doing. Assume you are home in Canada.


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