Day 66.

Evening update:

Jack had a tumultuous day. He was whiny this morning, then happy after his nap. Then had a kick ass Physio session in the pool.

More importantly than the pool was the pool deck. He had 3 crawling steps (if that’s what you call them?) chasing down a toy. Matt said it was almost like he did it without thinking!!

Then he was scheduled for his next EP EEG, and because he pooped after his sedative suppository they gave him a second sedative nasally. It was one of the sedatives he had while in the induced coma in the ICU. The nurses claimed he’d be sleeping all afternoon. Let’s just say they clearly don’t know Jack.

He didn’t sleep all afternoon. He didn’t even fall asleep before his scheduled EP test. They ended up having to run it with him awake. While

Matt and I fretted about his doped up condition, he was flirting (albeit dopey flirting) with the technician.

Matt and I hated it. I had to sit outside I was so beside myself.

But we finally managed to get him to fall asleep when we took him for a walk _after_ his test. Even though the temp was in the 30’s today Jack would rather be sleeping to the sound of the birds apparently. Can you blame him?

Admittedly I started out the day feeling sorry for myself that we were in this position, then maxed out at a stressful waiting room chair and finished the day feeling relaxed, and a little tired, with a beer on a patio laughing at Jack’s ability to once again have us stressing over his sleep.

These days are so crazy, all the highs and lows and everything in between.

Oh. And did we mention we’ve booked our flight home??? Canada here we come.

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