We’re baaaaack. And this must be the place. We’ve been busy but only in the best ways and Jack continues to make great progress.


Thank You.

Thank you from the bottom of our lion-hearted hearts.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m pretty proud of this little boy to be able to post this picture of him smiling, (and moving, ha!) after all we’ve been through, but we couldn’t have survived without this huge worldwide network we have. We love you guys so much.

The support we’ve received through this process started back in March. With notes, messages, emails, stories, prayers, love, energy, home cooked meals, care packages, and hugs (both in person and those of the virtual variety). Today our Go Fund Me page surpassed the goal. We’re floored. And very grateful for all of it. 🦁♥️

These funds will go a long way in helping us secure the best therapy possible for our little lion heart. We so look forward to seeing a lot of you in person when we arrive in Canada and to more hugs of the in-person variety.

Also, can someone tell Matt he missed the memo… #rollingstones #butitsalright


Days 71 & 72

Days 71 & 72. Jack is really wanting to get on the move. He’s using both hands more and also wanting to eat more solids instead of purées.


Day 66.

Day 66. Jack does something incredible twice today. First on the pool deck, and second by defying the laws of nurses and sedatives. #nosleeptillCanada


Day 59.

Day 59. Information overload. Not the first time in these last two months and probably won’t be the last. Mostly all good info in our preparation to transition home to Canada.