Day 63.

Evening update:

Jack had a good OT session (the best one since working with this new therapist) and good Physio session this morning with Matt. A lot of focus on core and arm strength. We’re really wanting to emphasize good posture (ie, no slumping) and wanting to continue to build Jack’s core strength which means a lot of floor time for him. Luckily he’s getting better and better, pulling his legs up and trying to move while in tummy time not just rolling to move.

He babbled away pretty much all day and continues to try and imitate us.

We’ve requested one more week of rehab here so we’ll see if our insurance will approve that. If so, then we’ll likely be looking at flights home for around the 19th/20th of June.

We’ve also received our preliminary report from the hospital and Kreischa as of this evening, so we’ll have to get that scanned and translated ASAP.

We also just found out that there’s currently no waitlist for the Acquired Brain Injury program which bodes well for Jack getting in sooner!

2 thoughts on “Day 63.

  1. Judy and Brian

    All good news indeed! Craig tells me he’s firing up the pool in anticipation of your arrival. 🌊🌊🏊🏊


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