Days 54-56. Long Weekend Update.

I was feeling a little burnt out so took a break from updates over the weekend. 

Day 54.

Evening update:

Woke up to this cuteness (see pic) after a bit of a rough night. Jack was coughing in his sleep and then was awake for almost 2 hours from 3:45am on; unrelated to the coughing he just wanted to babble in tummy time and play I guess!


So I’m tired and gonna keep this brief.

Mom and I had a relaxing morning together with Jack. After a nap at home in his crib he ate a whole scrambled egg!!

In the afternoon we walked to Neustadt for lunch and throughout the day tried to run our own therapies for Jack. He was especially enjoying putting clothes pins in my sunglasses case, closing it and then taking them out. It’s hard work for him- he’s slow and not yet very precise- but he’s getting better and he’s determined.

Heard a few “dadas” today as well.

Really hoping this cough he has takes a hike soon- it’s definitely making him more tired.

Day 55.

Well I’ll start with the frustrating news. Jack’s therapy schedule isn’t great this week. The three new therapists from last week are still on it, he has less therapy overall and zero speech scheduled. On top of that at least 2 of his physio sessions are scheduled right during his first nap which is hard to reschedule which also means it will be tough to ensure he’s rested for them.

Yet again seems to be another little push that it’s time for us to make plans to come home.

In good news, it sounds like our doctor here may be able to make a referral to Sunnyhill after all- which means we can hopefully get on the waitlist before we get home. We’ll still likely set up a few therapy sessions on our own privately and then we’ll still need to get referred to a pediatrician as soon as we’ve arrived, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Other than the disappointing schedule Jack, mom and I had a great day strolling old town and hanging out at the apartment. Jack had a long nap in the stroller, said dada a few more times and once said “nana” when looking at someone’s food at the market. That was always how he used to ask for food or more before! He was also very interested in my salami and cheese tonight and even though he’s not ready for solids like that yet, I figure it’s a good sign.
Finding it hard to patient for some of the motor changes and strengthening we’re wanting to see but I know that it will take time and there’s likely even some fine tuning going on that I’m not even noticing when I’m with him all the time.

Day 56.

Evening update:

Jack’s first real Vojta session today went really well! It was actually incredible to watch her apply light pressure to certain spots and then she would explain the reflexive movement we were looking for and then to see it happen (eg. Jack tucking his legs up, or opening his arms and hands wide in the more anatomically correct way, or pulling his left leg up while on his stomach). He often grabs things with a backward flexion of his hand- commonly seen with neurological disorders- and has his legs splayed to the side mostly instead of tucking them up to play with them like an infant might- so these little movements were really encouraging to see. The therapist was pleased with how it went I believe. He has 3 more this week so I’m hoping we see more success.

Because I’ve been feeling impatient with the motor developments we’ve seen- although like I said I know there are probably smaller improvements that are happening that I’m either missing or more oblivious to because I’m with him all the time- the successful session made me more excited for therapy this week.

Matt and I both talked about how even though we’ve felt frustrated we want to try and stay present and positive to make the most of these next 3 weeks.

Because it’s a holiday here as well we only had one therapy so Jack and I headed into town to pick up Matt from the train and hang out for the afternoon. Nice to have daddy back!!


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