Day 53.

Evening update:

Today was kind of a weird day because two of Jack’s three therapies were with new therapists today because his regular ones were sick or off. Which basically meant they weren’t very effective (cough, cough… pointless). Which was frustrating for Matt and I. And it kind of affirmed this strong feeling for going home we’ve been having.

Three more weeks here and we should be on our way.

Also it was a bummer to learn that we can’t get our premilinary records for another week I believe and then we need to have them translated before we can even send them home. Plus our GP at home won’t give a referral to a pediatrician if he hasn’t seen Jack so we likely can’t even begin the process of getting Jack set up to see the right specialists until we’re home. Although if it comes down to it we’re prepared to try and book appointments and pay privately if needed.

All that aside, after Jack’s last therapy we went into town to catch a bit of the Dixieland Festival (yes you read that right) happening around Dresden.

I’ve noticed a couple of improvements over the last couple days: Jack has been grabbing a toy for example and bringing his second hand to help hold it which is great as before he would really only use one hand at a time. Tonight he also had a great play before bed where I noticed him bending his knees more- much like massage yesterday- and when I had him propped against my leg on his knees playing he even tried to push himself up and forward to grab the toy he wanted. Seems like he may be getting stronger! 💪🏻

Tomorrow I’ll head into town to spend the day with mom in Dresden while Matt’s taking an early train to Hamburg.

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