Day 48.

Evening update:

Had a great Mother’s Day with the boys. Jack had a nice long nap in the morning and then him and I packed up and headed into town to hang with Dad. But not before Jack pulled his NG tube out. But he also drank 60ml of water (with some juice in it) with breakfast! That’s by far the most he’s ever had. So the nurses gave the green light to head out without the tube with the aim for him to drink as close as possible to the 360ml he gets per day via the tube (3 x 120ml normally over about an 1.5 hour drip). Didn’t quite make it… he drank 200ml total so we still needed the NG tube reinserted for the evening to meet his quota.

We had brunch and an early dinner at our apartment and in between walked across the river for a little picnic with some radlers in the shade. Jack rolled around the blanket playing, ate banana and napped in the stroller.

His appetite has definitely increased but he’s also become a little bit more picky. Matt and I both saw that “turkey” personality of his showing through a little today. But you can also tell his comprehension is pretty good because of that. Maybe not 100% yet but I would bet he’s picking up more than we even realize.

He was especially pleased today when I shared some of my ice cream with him.

I tell ya, this little situation we find ourselves in has Matt and I breaking all the rules… juice in his water, ice cream and even sometimes cartoons in the morning. Mostly because it buys us 10-15 minutes lounging in bed with him when he gets us up at 5 bells. Breakfast doesn’t start here until 7 so we’ve got ample (aka too much) time to kill in our room until then.

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