Day 47.

Evening update:

Jack still has a bit of a wet cough, but seems to be feeling fine. Just working its way through I guess.

Matt and Jack came into Dresden this morning and we spent the day around town together.

Not much to update you on other than Jack having fun rolling around on the couches at the cafe and again dishing out the smiles. I just peeked at him in his crib after just putting him to bed and he even just smiled in his sleep.

It seems to me that he’s beginning to show more expression. He’s been trying out a bunch of smiles.

When he gets tired Matt and I notice that he has a harder time holding himself up and steady, he sort of becomes floppy for lack of a better word. We’re both guessing as he builds his strength that will get better. He’s already able to hold himself up much better if I have him on my hip but can’t really hold himself up in a sitting position or even pull himself more upright in the stroller. Those are a couple milestones we can work towards.

Matt’s getting together with friends tonight and tomorrow Jack and I will head back into town to hang with Matt.


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