Day 49.

The Boy Who Breathed Again - Sandbox Rehab for Non-Traumatic Brain Injury

Evening update:

First let me just share this amazing news… Jack slept until 6:30am!!!

You can definitely tell the focus of therapy this week as all three of Jack’s therapies today worked on sitting up, holding up his own body weight and the crawl position (along with some additional grasping and fine motor skills). And this may sound incredible but both Matt and I noticed that even by this evening he seemed to be able to sit up more on his own without support from us.

He ate well today although was fussy about what he ate… and drank about 150ml (not too shabby) topped up to his 360 with the NG tube.

He enjoyed babbling, making the fish face, playing with sand, hitting the swing with mom and watching a little hockey with dad. All in all a very successful Monday.

Looking forward to mom’s arrival on Wednesday! Jack will benefit from another person’s positive energy. Plus he just loves being around family!

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