Day 41.

Evening update:

Jack seems to have taken to waking with the birds… much to my chagrin. Another morning with him starting to make noise around 4:58am to be exact.

He was in a pretty good mood though and was loving trying to roll over again… sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. Through this process I’ve been amazed at his patience. Maybe it’s just that he’s only one and doesn’t know any better, but instead of getting frustrated when he drops something, takes forever to reach and grasp a toy or can’t quite complete a roll to his tummy, he just tries again. (Or looks at you and smiles). Pretty sure an adult in a similar situation would not be so pleasant through that process.

He was playing with his mouth a lot more today as well- with his right hand mostly-  but also in terms of trying new sounds, and shapes with his lips. “Working on his vowels…” as Lauren put it.

Another day with no therapy = another day for us to head into town. Hung out for a little while at our apartment and then picnicked in the park. Jack was all smiles after a nap and loved lounging and getting all the attention.

Tonight for the first time in 7 weeks, (!!!) Jack is sleeping without a sensor to monitor his oxygen levels and heart rate. Cross it off the list for one less tube/wire attached to his body.

In the first image you can see Lauren playing with Jack’s feet. That is one of the motor things we are working on with him right now. Playing with his feet so he begins to play with them as well. Showing them where they are, and bring his hands to his feet- the idea to help him become more self-aware. He will kick things but won’t grab at his feet.

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