Day 30.

Afternoon update:

Happy to hear this morning that Rog made it safely back to Canada with Craig and was happy to see everyone back home.

Jack has been a much happier camper today. He had OT this morning and again ate an impressive amount of puréed oatmeal with fruit.

We tried feeding him fruit or veg purée multiple times throughout the day again and he did pretty well- didn’t eat as much as the morning but still the fact that we’re feeding him food is awesome!

He then had physio this afternoon in a therapy room instead of the intensive ward room we’ve usually worked in and the session went way better! She did a lot of play based therapy including using his foot to kick toy cars down a ramp and it even seemed like he tried to kick a few himself a couple of times.

We had a nice morning hanging with the bunnies before it got rainy this afternoon.


Jack seemed to get his mojo back today… getting lots of attention from people around the facility. Little by little we see more of his personality surfacing!

Pretty excited for our big move and Lauren’s arrival tomorrow.

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