Day 28.

Evening update:

Just realized I hadn’t sent an update yet today.

Probably because I spent the afternoon hanging with Rog before he flies home to Canada tomorrow. (And the rest of the afternoon trying to track down our parking garage fob which I lost, 🤦🏼‍♀️)

Jack had a bit of an off day today. The morning was rough because he woke up early and then needed his NG (feeding) tube replaced twice which is pretty near torture for him. And because of that he missed his morning nap before physio which resulted in a pretty ineffective and short session. I’m told by Matt that his OT session this afternoon didn’t seem to go much better.

That being said, he loved being in his Ergo chair today and Matt was able to have a good afternoon with him. He even managed to get him to have his soother in his mouth for a few seconds and feed him a tiny bite or two of smoothie and it appeared he swallowed it?!

Didn’t like the bath the last two nights which is weird and unlike him so don’t know what that’s about.

But we did find out that on Thursday I’m supposed to move into a private room with Jack which will be awesome and perfect timing with Lauren arriving because then Matt & I can take turns staying here whenever we want.

So even though it was an off day we still seemed to see improvements.

Managed to sneak a selfie before his NG tube was replaced and you can really tell how much he loves tummy time… lol!

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