Day 27.

Morning update:

Yesterday overall was a good day for Jack. He fought sleep most of the day, but only had one therapy so he likely was missing the stimulation and exercise he gets from that.

He had his first OT session for eating and it went not too badly. We managed to get him to get a drop of smoothie on his tongue and lips 2-3 times and he kind of smacked his lips and opened his mouth which the OT said was a good sign. They also provided a strap-in Ergo chair which should help him learn to sit again. And build up those muscles. We practiced with the spoon and smoothie a few more times throughout the day.  

We had a nice afternoon lunch and walk. 

Craig has officially cleaned our place from top to bottom, “tickety-boo” as Lorraine would say, so I guess he’s free to go on Tuesday! Lol! And we’re excited to have Lauren (Matt’s sister) arrive on Thursday for a few weeks. We just know she’ll have a great impact on Jack and jump right into therapy with us.

Speaking of therapy, Jack’s schedule is chocked full for next week: nine physio sessions (a combination of regular physio and Vojta), four OT sessions, three speech, two sensory/sight, music therapy, baby massage…

Away we go! 💪🏻




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