Day 29.

Evening update:

Today was another cranky kind of day for Jack. Bit of a mama’s boy today and had zero interest in 3 of 4 therapies… screamed his way through them.

The one successful one was OT- working on eating- and he did super well. Ate maybe one third of a smoothie pack that the therapist spoon fed him. He ate so much that they decreased his next tube feeding slightly. A huge improvement from Saturday’s session. The therapist said we will work on food first and then drinking.

Matt and I have definitely found that we see the biggest improvements in the stuff we work on with Jack so we’ll just have to be patient and learn from the therapists to help him.

His neck also continues to get stronger.

We’ll be trying to work a lot on his hands and grasping/reaching for things next as well as helping him bring his hands in front of his body as opposed to out to the sides.

We visited the ward we will be moving to on Thursday and it seems great. An awesome common play room for babies with age appropriate toys. We’re still in the intensive ward. So we look forward to getting there. Nevermind that I think it will help a lot for Jack’s sleep… having two other babies in his room and relying on naps in the stroller just isn’t cutting it for him. He’s ready for bed every night at 7:30 and the other babies generally aren’t sleeping until closer to nine which means he’s also awake until 8:30-9 but still waking up at 6.

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