Day 20.

Morning update:

Jack slept pretty well last night. He fell asleep on his own even before his nighttime meds- I think he was tuckered out from all the activity and fresh air. We were pretty “busy” with him yesterday.

Today he’s been mostly chill. Still gets frustrated when he’s just lying down on his stomach and back because he can’t move, but not as agitated as we’ve seen before. As a result, the doctors decided to try and reduce his meds by half and we’ll see how he does! Had a good chat with the docs this morning and showed them videos of Jack crawling and walking before so they could see his development prior to being sick.

We’ve got our first version of his rehab schedule which is mostly just Physio and occupational therapy each day. But more therapies may be added.

Matt, Craig and Rog are coming out for a midday walk all together. It will be the first time Rog and Jack have seen each other since Jack got sick.

Jack’s really been liking songs with actions… especially “itsy bitsy spider”. He’s clearly more alert and observant each day. I hope we’ll start seeing more improvement in his motor skills as well!

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