Day 19.

Afternoon update:

So our first intro to the rehab facility was a little rough. Let’s call it culture shock. It was overwhelming and not very many people speak English. It’s a huge facility which means they have a decent amount of rules and procedures. We also arrived on a Friday afternoon which was clearly less than ideal.

This morning still felt pretty raw. But since then we’ve spoken to a doctor which has helped. Jack had a two hour nap this morning so he’s a lot less irritable today, although still gets frustrated when he’s trying to move. He’s made a few new sounds today which we figure is good too.

Had a quick visit with the occupational therapist as well who said it’s good Jack is swallowing and believes we’ll be able to help him eat again even if it takes some time. She said it’s been so long since he had something in his mouth that it’s confusing and scary for him. So it will be a work in progress I’m sure.

Matt and I took him for a walk outside and then did a little physio style “play”  with him 

on a mat… Matt was rubbing his neck and he fell asleep (see adorable picture).Fell asleep half on his stomach on his right side cuddling Curious George (a gift in a care package from my colleagues) which is good for his neck.


We have a meeting with one of the doctors this afternoon to give her more history which I’m sure will help ease our stress as well.



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