Day 21.

Morning Update:

Jack had an “okay” sleep last night. He’s definitely more restless and whiny this morning than yesterday but we kind of expected this with the reduction in meds.

I found his physio session underwhelming. It’s hard to say if it’s just because the physio doesn’t yet know him and realize she’s just going to have to deal with him crying and whining through it or if she’s nervous to push him or nervous of us with English or if the reality is she’s just not as good as the physio we had in the hospital who was exceptional in his interactions with Jack and his ability to push him even without very good English. I’m hoping she will push Jack more as she gets to know him and us. We plan to write out a note in German for her tomorrow to explain some of our hopes and expectations.

Their pool here is being fixed and so they hope to have it ready in two weeks or so which is a bummer as well because I think that’d be great for Jack.

He’s supposed to have his full examination from the doctors here this morning so we’ll see what their thoughts are after that.

He definitely seems to like being around other people so Matt and I are hoping we can find ways to be around other kids and stuff here.


Jack’s neck at this point was very tight and he predominately looked over his left side. To help with this we would try and lay him on his right side in the stroller and “nest” him using blankets to support him. 



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