Day 5.


Jack and I had a relatively peaceful day reading Runaway Ralph and singing.

It was our first day with “bad” news. Jack’s MRI results came back showing that his large and small brain are fine, but with lesions, or brain damage, to his basal ganglia due to hypoxia.

What this means at this stage is too hard to predict. It could mean he has a disability. What we know for sure, is that Jack is one determined little boy who does not like to be told what to do. He’s our “lion heart.” There is nothing that I believe in more than this little boy. Dr. Brenner affirmed my feelings saying that we will go by what Jack shows us not what the MRI shows us.

So with that in mind, we will focus on the next few days of his recovery and moving toward Sunday where we hope to begin the weaning process from his ventilator and sedatives.

Once Jack is ready to leave the ICU, we will be transferred to a rehab facility about 25 minutes away to begin his rehab and physio.

It’s been amazing to have Ben here and family is arranging to come as well.


Morning Update:

Jack is now taking his own breaths with support from the ventilator. The plan is to extubate him tomorrow if all goes well. Then we’ll begin to wean him from the sedatives.

His EEG this morning showed no seizure activity so that’s good. We’ll repeat the EEG in the coming days as he becomes more alert.

We’ll put in our application on Tuesday for the rehab facility. Once accepted we have ten days to transfer Jack there. Dr. Brenner said as soon as he’s ready there’s no reason to delay his transfer there in order to begin his rehab.

Matt is home again with a high fever. I’ll be heading back this afternoon to bring him to the doctor and then Ben and I will take Rog for a walk on the trails before I head back to the hospital.



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