Day 6.

Morning update:

And what a morning it was! Jack was taken off the ventilator at around 9:00 this morning. They lowered his sedatives in order to do so and what we didn’t expect was for him to be as awake as he was.

His eyes were open (although definitely still dopey) and he was moving quite a bit.

It took a little bit of time for him to calm down and cough it out, but he eventually was able to relax a little more and we sang and talked with him for the first few hours.

He gave our hands some good squeezes and it even seemed like he reached out to us a couple of times. Once it even sounded like he said “dada.”

The first hour or so was hard for me because I didn’t like seeing him struggle, and I just wanted to be able to pick him up. We both somehow managed to remain calm though and just sing to our sweet little boy.

It helped to learn that him fighting sleep and the other symptoms we were seeing were the withdrawal symptoms. Getting the doctors assurance that this was not something to be worried about also set my mind at ease. They upped his dose enough that he can rest.

The doctor said that he’s doing well. Breathing well on his own- some coughing still due to the virus but that’s to be expected. The weaning process from the drugs will now begin and it can take anywhere from 5-10 days. Once he’s doing better with the weaning process he’ll be switched to oral versions of the drugs for the final phase.

Jack is now resting and breathing on his own with some high flow oxygen (through the nose).

We’re so proud and amazed by this little fighter.

We woke up to fresh Easter flowers and chocolate from the Easter “Benny.” Unbeknownst to Ben the bouquet even included freesias which are Jack’s birth flower. Craig is making arrangements to arrive this week.

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