Day 4.

Morning update:

Jack’s lungs are getting stronger. The ventilator is assisting him less which is how we know this. The last two ultrasounds show again a slight decrease in the swelling on his brain.

It seems like we’re seeing some small signs of progress.

The plan is for him to have his MRI this afternoon (unless emergencies dictate otherwise). Our doctor said he’s unsure of when we can expect results because there’s a certain person he wants to look at them and it’s Easter weekend. So it depends on when she’s able to get back to him.

Jack will also likely have an EEG of his brain tomorrow to measure his brainwaves.

Dr. Brenner’s plan is to use these results to help him decide when to start weaning Jack from the ventilator. He currently hopes to start this in the next day or two.

Matt’s got a fever so the docs and nurses have suggested he wait for a day without a fever before coming to visit. Jack’s been moving his foot a lot today. And the mama duck came for a quick visit earlier.

*** That afternoon we received the MRI results which showed the lesions- brain damage- to Jack’s basal ganglia. ***

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