Day 52.

Evening update:

Jack was napping when mom and I arrived at rehab. And Oma was the first person he saw when he woke up… all smiles.

Day 3 with no NG tube!! Hoping we keep it up.

I felt like he was extra squirmy today. My guess is it’s in part because of being sedated and groggy yesterday combined with what I hope are some new pathways getting fired up.

We generally saw more leg movement from him today. He had a great physio session in the pool today. Way more “kicking” than ever before, and his therapist was really excited to see some more motor improvements from him.

Mom and I both took him to baby massage and once again in classic Jack style he spent most of the time babbling and trying to roll around. But what was most exciting was how much he wanted to get the baby oil bottle he kind of pulled up his legs in an attempt to get closer to it!!! That’s huge to see because it’s the first time we’ve seen him move his legs in an attempt to move on the floor. And typically if he has tried that type
of movement it’s only been his right leg not both. I really hope we keep seeing those types of movements in the next few days.

I’ve also pulled rank and have decided that Matt is being kicked out of rehab. He’s been officially dismissed and is taking the train to Hamburg on Saturday to go see Ben and the ship for a night.

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