Day 51.

Evening update:

Mom arrived safe and sound. Can’t wait for Jack to see her tomorrow.

Matt was on Jack-duty for most of the day. Apparently physio went really well- he worked on crawling movements. The therapist helps him “crawl” by holding him in the hands and knees position and helps him move. Jack enjoyed watching the other kids in the therapy room and hamming it up with the therapists while he worked.

He then had his EP test and needed to be sedated. It kind of brought Matt and I back to the ICU days because he needed to be sedated and his vitals needed to be monitored. Definitely made us reflective. He only slept for about an hour, woke up for a tiny bit and then slept for another 1h45 but he seemed pretty sleepy most of the afternoon.

Still managed to eat a ton though. And had day two in a row with no NG tube!! He didn’t drink a lot but combined with the amount of water we added to his food the nurse seemed to think it was ok.

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