Day 46.

Evening update:

Jack woke up with a cough and so didn’t sleep super well last night. But despite that had two good therapy sessions this morning. In both physio and OT he worked on supporting his own body weight and playing with toys, bringing his feet up closer to his hands.

We met my dad’s cousin Andrea and her daughter Emily- who live in Chemnitz- in Dresden for lunch and a visit. Jack did pretty well. He had fun meeting his new puppet and playing with Andrea’s handbag until he hit a wall and needed a nap… so Matt headed back to Kreischa early. I’ve been running errands and now am chilling on the couch! Matt will bring Jack into town tomorrow again.

Hopefully a good sleep will help Jack kick this cold.

At the beginning of our time at Kreischa, the rehab facility, Jack would cry his way through most therapy sessions unless Matt and I worked very hard at distracting him with books, songs, dancing around and acting silly. Now, the fact that he can have a crappy sleep and still have two good sessions shows how far he’s come since the first couple of weeks here.

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