Day 24.

Evening update:

Jack had a great day today. Best one yet.

Physio went well, the therapist said his neck was already stronger.

He had his electrophysiological test today so was sedated for that. But only for about an hour. Although he was so chill all afternoon that I wonder if it was partly the sedative. We’ll probably discuss the results tomorrow or next week with the doctor.

There was a scheduling miscommunication so he missed OT today but Craig and Matt ran a mini session for him.

Matt and I often reference “newborn Jack” in this process to give you an idea of where most of his abilities lie. Today multiple times Jack was touching his face, a couple of times brought his hand to his mouth and in the evening was often playing with his hands… a really good improvement!

The stroller is still his happy place, and has been working well to help “nest” him so he can rediscover his body.  Got smiles out of him when Matt would lift him in the air and when Roger licked his toes!


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