Day 25.

Evening update:

Another day of improvements for the young lion heart.

Speech was his most challenging therapy today.. still getting used to it I think.

Matt was here all day while I went into town and took Rog to the vet in preparation for flying back with Craig next week and then for a walk on the trails.

Matt said Physio and OT went well; the physiotherapist was really happy to see Jack bring his hand to his mouth.

He had his vision test today and that went well. The doc said she sees no eyesight issue but they’ve added some sensory therapy twice a week starting next week. This boy is going to be B.U.S.Y.

Jack was again been pretty relaxed this evening- we went for a nice walk while he “lounged” (see pic) and has been pretty smiley today too.

He’s moving his head a lot more from side to side (in the appropriate kind of way!) which is great to see as well. Jack also directed his attention to a few things I pointed to this afternoon which suggests his comprehension is getting better too!

Did I mention it was 29.5 degrees out today?!

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