Day 18.

Morning update:

Jack’s been busy this morning. Really trying to move and gets frustrated of course when it doesn’t go his way.

But managed to have an hour nap in the stroller in his room.

He had another EEG this morning which we’re waiting on the results from.

We should be transferring to Kreischa (the rehab facility) within the hour.

Took him for a quick walk outside… I’m wondering if he has allergies (like his dad) because every time we go outside it seems like his eyes start watering and he gets congested.


This turns out to be one of Jack’s worst days since waking up. Once we arrive at the rehab facility Jack is very agitated, restless, cannot sleep and we’re exhausted and overwhelmed. I wasn’t even able to update the family until the next day as I was just feeling so down and worn out.

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