Day 16.

Evening update:

Today’s been a battle. Jack is super restless and agitated. It’s been really hands on for Matt and I all day. We think it may be a combination of withdrawal, possible stomach upset along with the neurological changes and spasms he’s coping with.

We also learned the rehab facility is full and so the earliest we’ll be able to transfer is next week.

That being said there are still a few things that we’re clinging to as positive in the midst of this.

In Jack’s agitation we’ve seen him move way more than we have since he woke up, he’s off all IV’s and so we’ve taken him for a couple walks off hospital grounds. And the speech path came today and gave us some good tools to help practice with Jack to teach him how to swallow and prepare him for drinking/eating again.

Not sure how we’ll make it through the night with this boss baby- but we’ll find a way. We knew these days were coming.

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