Day 15.

Morning update:

We were here while the Physio was here this morning and that was nice to see. He’s great. It’s definitely challenging and scary for Jack but again there are small signs of progress. Tiny movements of his neck, more relaxed when moving his body.


Even better than that, we’ve seen a few small smiles today. And a little chuckle. Matt apparently got one yesterday too but I missed it. Both of them in the stroller when we were being goofy.

We brought our stroller up today which is nice cause we can actually move it. The hospital’s we used yesterday was pretty much a shopping cart with broken wheels.

Jack’s MRI is still scheduled for today at 12:30. And we’re still waiting to hear about the rehab facility.

He had to have his IV line moved today cause his arm was swelling and every time they do something like that it’s like torture for the poor kid. He’s so brave. It must be terrifying for him.


Jack’s MRI results showed that the lesions on his basal ganglia have changed- they were better than the last one but he’s lost brain volume.

Ultimately it sounds like this doesn’t really change anything from our perspective… it doesn’t mean anything concrete. We just have to keep responding to what Jack shows us.

Overall lots of good things happened today: Physio, smiles, we took Jack for a walk outside of the ICU and hospital for about 20 (first time he’s been outside the hospital in over two weeks!!!) Matt held Jack and even danced with him for about 5-10 minutes and Jack was relaxed the whole time.

Long days at the ICU are exhausting but we’ve been trying hard to recap with all the positive things that happened each day.




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