Day 8.

To elaborate, the cocktail of medications Jack will be weaned off of over the coming weeks (it takes much longer than the initial 5-10 day estimate we received) includes:

  • fentanyl
  • liquid ecstasy
  • morphine
  • clonidine
  • midazolam
  • ketamine
  • baclofen (given at a later date due to signs of spasticity and dystonia)


Afternoon update:

Jack managed to rest through the night until about 8am this morning. I also went home to rest in preparation for the days ahead.

Jack was cycling between withdrawal and rest for most of the morning and then managed to nap for about 1h40min this afternoon.

Since waking he’s been tense, but they’re trying to help him have a bowel movement which they believe is why he’s so tense.

The doctor has reminded us that while the next few days will be hard on us they will be temporary. They have stopped giving Jack 2 of the 4 sedatives already. As of now, the plan is for us to transfer Jack to the rehab facility early next week.

Ben left this afternoon but not before restocking the fridge, preparing dinner for tonight and leaving us a few love notes and chocolate. #whattaguy

Craig (Matt’s dad) arrives tomorrow.


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