Day 9.

Morning update:

Jack managed to rest overnight.
I think Matt & I are both starting to feel the immensity of it all, but are doing our best to keep each other balanced.

I’m sure it will be nice to have Craig here.

Matt headed into the hospital early this morning to be with Jack while I got a couple things ready for Craig’s arrival. Now we’re both here until Matt will go get Craig and take Rog out to have a bit of a break.

Jack was mostly restful this morning but definitely seems to want to know we’re close and wakes the second we stop holding his hand.

They’ve decreased the remaining two sedatives they have him on and hope to remove his blood pressure catheter today as well. The Physio wrapped his torso to help with any diaphragm pain he might be experiencing from the virus.

Matt & I both feel a yearning to hold him today. Hopefully that day is somewhere close.

🦁 ❤️


I should also note on here that we appreciate all messages we receive. Even if we don’t immediately reply, please know they’ve been felt and relayed to Jack.


Quick afternoon update:

Craig arrived fine, Matt was able to pick him up at the airport and Rog was very excited to see him.

Jack was in the midst of a nice long almost 3 hour nap when Matt returned to the hospital, and so I’m just running outside for some of this 22 degree spring weather we’re getting and some lunch.

Jack’s whole body has been much more relaxed this afternoon and so the docs lowered a third med he’s on. It’s still the plan to remove his blood pressure catheter today though it hasn’t happened yet. I’m glad they’ve let him rest.

I feel closer to Jack today and so I also feel more hopeful. It’s calming to be with him.





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