Day 7.

Morning update:

I spent the night with Jack in the hospital. The last 24 hours have been a dose of reality for me. And tough.

Jack is still battling his cough quite a bit. And if he isn’t sedated enough it wakes him up every time he falls asleep. That said, the docs say that his lungs seem good and he’s got good oxygen levels without support.

Once they moved him onto his stomach to rest last night he was finally able to sleep around 3am. He slept for about 4 hours.

This morning the doctor told us they’re having a really hard time finding the right balance of drugs to help Jack rest- they believe he’s in a delirium. Likely due to the sedatives, being pulled off the ventilator and the trauma he experienced.

This broke my heart.

I went home this morning to rest once Matt arrived. Jack needed his Dada there I think. And I’m grateful that I get to pass along the message that Jack found rest again and has been sleeping for about an hour and a half.

Please send strength.

For Jack, for us, and for the medical team to be able to help our little boy heal.


Afternoon update:

I’m grateful to be able to share that Jack has been able to rest today. They gave him something to help with that and the plan for now is to help him rest through tonight.

Then tomorrow we will start the withdrawal/weaning process again. So the next few days will likely continue to be difficult.

I am feeling much better after going home, getting some rest and then Ben and I took Rog for a walk in the woods.

Matt and I will spend a little time together at the hospital before he goes home for the night. Ben also came to visit this evening.





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