Day 3.

Morning update:

Today I’m feeling a thousand times better. Can’t speak for Matt but I’m feeling much more calm.

Jack’s had two more ultrasounds of his brain since yesterday night which show another slight improvement.

The Physio was here and cleared out more fluid although it’s thicker and stickier now so harder to get out.

They’ve still needed to adjust his blood pressure meds quite frequently but he seems a little more stable today so far.

He’s twitched his eyelids and and hand and even gave a little wave today. Which threw me for a loop but the doc said he wasn’t bothered by that. It seems likely that he hears us.

The hope is to keep seeing progress for both his lungs and brain and to do an MRI in the upcoming days.

Today a mama duck landed outside Jack’s window and hung out for a bit. And we’ve had multiple people refer to trees when talking of Jack’s healing. The lungs of the earth I figure.

Matt’s just gone to the train station to pick up Ben and then we’ll continue to hang with Jack boy for the afternoon and evening.

❤️ 🌲 🦆

(they don’t have a female duck emoji)


Evening update:

Overall a positive day.

No real major changes to report on from the morning’s update.

Jack had both more peaceful moments today and more wakeful moments. Really got moving a few times and he started to “bear down” on his ventilator more. Meaning he’s fighting it more.

Which is hard to watch because you can tell when he’s more wakeful he doesn’t like it, but the doctor said that’s a good sign.

They’ve now added a new med to his cocktail to try and help him tolerate it until they’re ready to extubate him.

Again we got a lot more information today. But it all seems to suggest Jack is moving in the right direction.

When we arrived at home Ben had prepared a “danish, northern German, Vietnamese” summer roll spread for us. (Leave it to Ben). It was actually perfect. So nice to have him here, he even cleaned and put out flowers and distracted us over dinner with his stories of his latest business trip to Mexico and Cuba enough that we could stomach some food.




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