Day 2.

Morning update:

Jack did well overnight. The nurse said it was a peaceful night.

I just got to the hospital about an hour ago. The Physio had already been here and they were able to extract more fluid from his lungs.

They will do another ultrasound of his brain this morning. They do one at least once a day.

We were both able to get some rest last night.
Jack’s got one “I love dad” sock on and one “I love mom” sock on.

Thanks for the messages and sounds and songs. We’re reading, singing and playing them all to Jack.

Matt and I are taking turns reading to him, Matt is reading the Little Prince and I’m reading the Mouse and the Motorcycle.


Evening update:

We continue to get positive feelings towards Jack’s outcome from the doctors and nurses.

That being said, today was a tough day for Matt and I. Our nerves are shot, we’re both feeling the exhaustion setting in and it’s of course an emotional roller coaster ride.

Jack had an ultrasound this morning that showed he had some swelling on his brain. This is normal given the trauma he experienced and normally shows up in hours 24-48. He had a second ultrasound this evening that was slightly better so the doctor considered it to be stable. Overall a positive sign. We hope to see the swelling decrease over the next 72 hours.

In true Jacky nature he wants to wake up before he should and while matt was with him and I was walking Rog, he flickered his eyes and moved his foot. At this stage we still want him resting although one of the doctors confirmed this evening some slight movement is a good thing we just don’t want him to be too wakeful so he doesn’t experience stress. Throughout the day he again twitched his eye or moved his body.

As a result of all this his meds needed to be adjusted a lot more frequently. This is normal at this stage for babies on ventilators.

Ben is coming tomorrow to help out and hang with Rog. He’ll arrive midday and we’re both looking forward to having him here.

Please know that if you ever feel like you want to talk on the phone or need anything to let us know or just call. If we can’t answer we won’t. But we’d always love to hear your voices.




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