I wanted to share an update about all things Jack (well recovery-related anyways).

Jack’s therapy is going well. These days he generally would rather do what he wants to do than what his physiotherapist would like him to focus on. A bit of a turkey you might say. There’s a trampoline in the gym and he would much rather have Matt bounce around with him than work on standing up left leg first thank you very much.

He’s got a bit of a cold so hasn’t been into trying walking or squatting much.

That said, two weeks ago he had his best OT and best PT sessions he’s had in a long time. He’s really been trying to use both hands more & more. We’ve found getting him to take the lids off felt pens has been a great two-handed therapeutic activity. We’ll probably regret that later.

We’ve started our second round of genetic testing to rule out any autoimmune or metabolic disorders. It will be a minimum of three months before we even get preliminary results, although we did already receive some secondary findings. Nothing related to his trauma, but we now know he should avoid certain types of antibiotics to prevent hearing damage.

We have a requisition for a follow up MRI in place but that won’t likely happen until he’s around two and a half-so about a year from now. He finally meets with the pediatric neurologist a little later this month.

Oh and his mullet is really coming in nicely, 😂



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