Day 38.

Evening update:

Jack had a pretty good day. He slept ok overnight but woke up early.

He had a good music therapy session that Lauren and I went to where he played with guitars, drums and xylophones. And his physio was in the pool today with Matt and it seemed to go really well.

He’s doing better in tummy time, still being very vocal- Lauren and I noticed a few new sounds today- and his grasp is getting stronger which is fun because it helps with play. Tonight before bed him and I played with a large wooden Connect 4 set and he was doing a great job of grasping the pieces and I would help him find the slots (not sure many 1 year olds would be successful without help).

Think he might be teething because he had quite a bit of drool today and he’s been having trouble falling asleep the last two nights.

We’re really trying to focus on helping him learn to roll over again and working on strengthening his arms now. Matt’s also been shown a few things to help with the coordination needed for crawling (eg. reaching with the left hand for a toy while we help in bringing up the right leg- basically yoga for babies).

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