Day 37.

Afternoon update:

Once again, it’s like Jack knew what we needed and responded.

Today Jack woke up just the happiest little man. He slept well last night and was ready for the day all bright-eyed and smiley.

He’s continued to be super vocal all day and started off the day by eating the most he’s eaten yet and then having the best speech therapy session he’s had yet.

He skipped his morning nap, but despite that his EEG went well- Matt and I expected he might be quite whiny through it but with us playing games with him made it through with minimal squirming. No results for a few days.

Then after a short nap, Matt took him to physio which apparently was another great session where he worked hard and the therapist was impressed with his improvements.

Even though he’s barely slept today he’s just been happy as a clam, hamming it up for us and others at the facility. His little (big) personality shining through a little more.  

Lauren and I just came back into town, so I’m taking the night off and Matt’s staying out there. They’re scheduled for a little daddy/son swim this evening so I look forward to hearing how it goes!

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