Day 35.

Evening update:

Today both Jack and I were tired and I was really feeling homesick. I think that threw me off for most of the day.

But I took a nap in the afternoon while Lauren and Matt went for a walk with Jack and then we had fun in the early evening with him.

Did tummy time on the playground, played in the sandbox again and got him giggling on the swing.

He had a tough time during physio, but had a good OT session and has eaten consistently more each meal. The OT thinks we’ll be able to try drinking on Wednesday. One step closer to losing that damn tube! (And coming home!!)

He had his eyesight tested again with an expert who was here and they said his eyesight is good and within the normal range for someone his age.

Tomorrow we plan to talk to the doctors and have a number of questions we hope they can answer. 🤞🏻

Jack was even more vocal today, grasping more and a couple times reached for his feet in the sandbox and stroller.


A quick follow up:

Just put Jack to bed for the night and  we managed to make it through three books on my lap and he did an awesome job of turning the pages. Much like how he did when he first learned to do that months ago, his hand is kind of in an unnatural position, but if I prop them open he was able to turn them.

Same thing with a flap book we read. While his hand is not in the correct position, he could move the flaps with my assistance!

Small steps everyday!!

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