Day 13.

Morning update:

It was an eventful morning as far as things go in the ICU for us. The nurse and I tried to give Jack a bath but he was having none of it. Cried and cried. And it took me a good couple minutes to calm him down. Eye contact helps though. After he definitely seemed to be pissed and made the cutest little pouty face.

Then the nurse popped her head back in to see how we were doing and he immediately started crying. So his awareness has definitely increased a ton.

When I arrived this morning he made eye contact and started to whimper like he was upset and seems to express his fear with crying. In other words I believe we’re seeing emotion from him.

I held him to weigh him and he seemed more relaxed with me than with the nurses but still quite tense and making fearful kind of crying noises. But I can now see that we’ll hopefully be able to help him be less fearful which I hope will help with this tense position and spasticity we’re seeing.

Once we had him dressed we moved him to my chest again and after about 30 minutes and reading some books he gave a couple yawns (first time we’ve seen those) and fell asleep.

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