Day 11.

Morning update:

I’m already holding Jack again in the reclining chair.

Thanks for all the reminders to remain patient. You’re so right in that what feels like an eternity to us is still early in the healing process.

This morning Jack’s eyes seem a tiny bit better. Seems like he’s almost able to focus them (not quite) and they’re not always looking up- a couple times he looked straight on. He also seemed a little bit less tense/spastic when we moved him to my chest. All tiny good signs I figure.

The physio was here this morning and was able to loosen up more mucous from his chest. So he sounds like he’s breathing better today. They’ve also decreased the remaining intravenous meds again.

For this morning I’m going to do nothing but enjoy our baby boy’s sighs as he naps on my chest.

Love you guys, ♥️


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